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Why spend one and a half hours making a space ship out of recycled scrap?

reasons; to be cheerful, to think, to improvise, to figure something out, to use imagination, to have fun, make connections, to use spacial awareness, understand scale, what's the best way to stick this?, that doesn't work,I'll  try this! perseverance, make connections with memory, be scientists, designers, artists, engineers, the future...and beyond.........

but where's the squeezy bottle?   Ah, it's in the suitcase, under the table, in a place where we don't usually look!

spaceship Ben, emerging from the orange glupe

spaceship Ed preparing for take off.

Front page headline, "read all about it"

First, we did warm up's, the boys took them home.  There were washing machines, front doors, black BMW's and van's with flashing lights you should have seen them................. where was the camera person??


Richard Serra says,