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The torch, a bridge building conversation when you can't see the details..

Surely the things artists do sometimes need explanations, or descriptions, in order to create a traversable bridge between the art an the observer. And with ever increasing ways of presenting their ideas and comments on the world, that is it seems revolving at a never ceasing twitter pace, it would demonstrate a generosity of heart and could help in being able to understand what the f.... some of them and their representatives: galleries, critics, curators, art journalists they are talking about. This is an ongoing debate that seems to divide and rule artists, their interpreters and observers, that in my view isn't necessarily about knowledge or intelligence.

If you solve puzzles, for enjoyment or as part of your survival, you will find skills such as ; looking, listening, thinking, making connections, remembering, intuition, expressing feelings useful, so too when looking at art.  It's hard work, and not everyone is willing enough to join in. The  Arts Council spend enough of it's much reduced funds on researching how to attract more visitors.  Those artists, I include myself,  who exhibit our work outside the public funded spaces know how tricky it can be to encourage punters, especially in times of austerity.  I say give appreciation of and ownership of art a chance, by using clear, concise, intelligent bridge building language.

The torch, a bridge building conversation when you need to see the details.