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30.12.12, 21.38

it's the day before new years eve. I'm sitting at my laptop thinking to myself, I'd better say something on my blog before the end of this year.  So much has happened in the world and in my world.  I've moved house, leaving a place I'd lived in for 16yrs.  On leaving, I cleaned that house so well!! I'd lived in it so full of stuff, I hadn't realised how much space there was.  What I miss the most is being able to walk a minute down the road and then through a gate into the fields up the hill and along footpaths. I hardly saw anyone, and could hear the wind undiluted. I had begun a series of  paintings linked to my walks, as a farewell.  The series continues, and combines with hello to the new place.

'essence of tree', acrylic on cotton, board, plastic, various dimensions


Homage to Hockney by Fiona Winnings

'homage to Hockney', modeling plastic, glass mirror, wood, various dimensions.