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is it really the 7th of October 2012, time flies, time t tick time t tock ,

if you are anything like me! you will have piles of ideas around about your space, studio, bathroom, study- sounds a bit posh to have a study, it's a bedroom reinvented, a space to store my un-lived lives, but it's difficult to bin these piles of ideas. But it's so time consuming to look through then, make decisions, to keep or not to keep?    I couldn't possibly bin them without looking  through them!!! there could be a ten pound note in amongst them?  So there they perch,  piles of ideas in paper form.  I could 'do' a specified 'Michael Landy' and recycle making a sculpture from the bits, make paper pulp. ........ ah, look what I've found........

+ happiness is - singing, discovering new songs, remembering old songs,......................

two piles from the one pile: 'happiness is' pile, 'happiness isn't' pile,   but that means sorting,.... ok, decision- to sort or to conceptualize? or to wander through my memory of compiling the piles, a sort of psycho geographical approach.