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if I was to empty the dust from the hover,

it would reveal both aspects and actual bits of me, um.. dead skin, strands of henna red hair, small metallic stars, dropped buttons, the dropped backs of stud earrings even the odd earring, the nail clipping that missed the bin, and this is just from the chambre à coucher ... now the kitchen; vitamin pills, coffee grains, breadcrumbs, splashes of yogurt I missed while cIeaning  up ... all invaluable clues for a 'personality' detective, and why is this relevant? Well, I'm hovering my studio, and searching for any more dead swallows. It's a bit disconcerting to find a dead bird, especially a swallow, while engrossed in applying paint to muslin on board.  The splashes of paint, dust and bits and pieces on the studio floor are evidence of a different aspect of me. all in the preparing for the next painterly investigation.....