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went to sea inland

I'm afraid you've missed the talk given by the earth scientist Sam Scriven and painter Simon Callery,  but  if you are in the Sherborne area, suspend any expectations and preconceptions about 'landscape' painting, and take up the invitation to go for a walk around the paintings, created in collaboration with the landscape between Sherborne and Bridport and artist Simon Callery - Inland Sealand  @ 33, Newlands.  Then go and have a wonder around the town,  and go back to the exhibition.  Better still go for a run around, get breathless, then go back to the exhibition,  and  look at the paintings as if you were exploring something that caught your attention. I saw the paintings before I heard about the context within which the work was made.

I see them differently.

I've been worried about my own work.  Seeing this exhibition, I'm walking around my work.

Thank you Simon and Sam,


stormy weather approaching..........


'shipping forecast'