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But there has to be some looking and listening first. Then questions. -if  we are allowed and encouraged to ask questions when we are children, as well helping us to understand our world,  it encourages us to develop self confidence, a sense of belonging, and emotional intelligence.

I recently went to see the Royal College of Art MA painting, printmaking and sculpture shows at the Battersea annex.  I was feeling nervous, there's a of 'Conceptual Art' at the RCA, so lots of looking and listening first.

I met an artist print maker who'd moved into photography and film making.  I described that I saw in his work, then asked my question, he commented on how much he liked my question. I explained that I'd found it difficult to know what to ask, because I know there are ways of asking questions that either block or invite response.  Art is such a personal thing, but ultimately it's function is to communicate something to someone else, so a question and answer or two is helpful.

Questions say a lot about the questioner, but that shouldn't put you off.

Ask away, but be patient, it's not always straight forward.

We finished our conversation, but there were more questions. I took my questions along the gallery, out into a court yard and into another building following the arrows, stopping to look at other work along the way.

In a way, this is how it is with Art.