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what was I going to say? ah yes..

- having procrastinated for a long time about having a presence on the web, I am about to appear on the TV in the second series of "Show me the Monet"  17th July, albeit for 2 min's during daytime viewing. There are quite a few Art Competitions these days’, both local, national, and international.  So as an artist you way up the benefits of entering them. Some carry a degree of prestige which to be selected for is always good for one’s CV and professional profile.

Towards the end of last year; I had an email from an artist friend with details of an art competition.  This one was a little different, there was no submission fee and in addition to a group exhibition, there was the possibility of a TV appearance.   Well, what else but to go for it!

I can’t remember if I goggled the particular TV programme before I submitted my entry, or afterwards. I do remember logging in and having difficulty with the one line entry process and thought, ok that’s the end of that.  Well it turned out to be the beginning of a series of phone calls,  screen tests, and subsequently a trip to Eltham Place in Greenwich  with my painting, 'tide turns' .  A bit more of the the story will be public next Tuesday, of course I know the rest of this particular story because I have already lived it. My word or in this case my signature is my bond, having agreed to be quite about the TV story. shuuuuu ma famille, et mes amis.

However you view popular culture, and where you place yourself in it, on the outskirts or outside it, it's there, big, bold and loud.

Has the whole experience been useful. Yes,

Will my appearance in the programme be good for my CV and professional profile?  Some have said yes,  I gave it 100 percent.