sometimes serious sometimes playful, but always about prompting or nudging people to look at the world around them in a different way.

‘wide horse posture’ mono-print on snowdon cartridge 100cm x 150cm

‘wide horse posture’ mono-print on snowdon cartridge 100cm x 150cm


  “Having first trained as a painter, my focus was mainly on painting and printmaking, realising my ideas onto canvas and paper and hanging the resulting images on interior walls.  As I develop as an artist, I am inclined to ‘come away from the wall’, and include a more socially engaged way of working, looking at possibilities for real time encounters, by instigating propositions for people to engage in actions that encourage participation, discussion, community, reflection, imagination and change.

I do not look for resolution, in fact that is rather the point. At times serious, at times playful, my work is about relationships and what it feels like to live in this world. I have worked and continue to work in the education and personal development sectors along side my art practice.

I graduated with a BA Fine Art Painting from Winchester School of Art.” 




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